Angler Poplin

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Angler Poplin
Screenshot of Angler Poplin
Species Poplin
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Portrayed by Christine Marie Cabanos
“Ugh. All the fish have been scared off by that guy. I can't get any fishing done with him around...”
Angler Poplin, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Angler Poplin is a character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They are a light blue Poplin carrying a fishing pole who lives in Petal Isles, near Pipe-Rock Plateau. They are first encountered in their house, where Mario and company overhear them bemoaning the lack of fish that Castle Bowser's appearance caused. After Prince Florian assures them that they will stop Bowser, the Angler Poplin provides the party with their first Wonder Seed from the Petal Isles.

After the player collects the Wonder Seed from the Angler Poplin's House, they can be seen on the Petal Isles world map. The Angler Poplin will appear in different locations as the player progresses and collects Royal Seeds. Upon interacting with them, the Angler Poplin will mention fishing up strange bottles, which contain various gameplay tips. After collecting all Royal Seeds, the Angler Poplin gives 30 flower coins when spoken to.

The Angler Poplin also appears in the ending sequence, celebrating the defeat of Castle Bowser alongside the Master Poplin, the Loyal Poplin, and others.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 釣り好きのポプリン
Tsuri suki no Popurin
Angling-loving Poplin
Chinese 喜歡釣魚的苞普林
Xǐhuān diàoyú de Bāopǔlín
Poplin who likes fishing
Dutch Vissende Poplin Fishing Poplin
French Poplin pêcheur Fisher Poplin
German Fischer-Poplin Fisher Poplin
Italian Poplin pescatore Fisher Poplin
Korean 낚시광 포플린
Nakksigwang Popeullin
Fishing Enthusiast Poplin
Portuguese (NOA) Poplin pescador Fisher Poplin
Portuguese (NOE) Poplin Pescador Fisher Poplin
Russian Поплин-рыбак
Fisher Poplin
Spanish Poplin Pescador Fisher Poplin