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Poplin Shop
A Poplin Shop from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
“Hi there! Here at the Poplin Shop, we sell everything! And we accept flower coins as payment.”
Poplin vendor, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Poplin Shops in Super Mario Bros. Wonder are found throughout Flower Kingdom. The player can exchange special purple flower coins they collect in courses for various items. Badges and Wonder Seeds can be purchased once (similar to Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey before the credits), while Standee Surprises, 1-Up Mushrooms, and 1-Up Mushroom bundles can be purchased multiple times.

There are a total of eleven Poplin Shops set up around the Flower Kingdom. One of them is a "secret" Poplin Shop located in Sunbaked Desert that sells three Wonder Seeds for varying prices of 50, 100, and 200 purple flower coins. This shop can be accessed by going up the stairs and down the strip by the level Break Time! Bouncy Tunes. Another is the Standee Shop in the Special World that, in addition to the standard Standee Surprises and 1-Up Mushrooms, sells character-specific Standee Surprises that always grant the player a standee they have not unlocked yet for that character.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なんでも屋
Everything Shop
Chinese (Simplified) 杂货店
General Store
Chinese (Traditional) 雜貨店
General Store
Dutch Poplinshop Poplin Shop
French Bazar de Poplin Poplin's Bazaar
German Laden Shop
Italian Emporio di Poplin
Negozio sagome (Special World's shop)
Poplin's emporium
Standee shop
Portuguese (NOA) Lojinha do Poplin Poplin's [little] shop
Portuguese (NOE) Loja do Poplin Poplin's Shop
Spanish Tienda de Poplin Poplin's Shop