Fungi Mines

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Fungi Mines
Fungi Mines in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Fungi Mines is the fifth world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is a mushroom forest with an underground cave system where ruined temples can be found. Some levels are covered in dark purple clouds, and the player must touch them to reveal the level.

This world contains green Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds, and there is a total of 21 Wonder Seeds and one Royal Seed to collect.


Fungi Mines contains 13 levels and a Poplin Shop.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キンキン採掘場
Kin-kin Saikutsu-jō
Fungi Mine; from a repetition of「菌」(kin, fungus)
Chinese (Simplified) 菌菌采矿场
Jūnjūn Cǎikuàngchǎng
Fungi Mine
Chinese (Traditional) 菌菌採集埸
Jūnjūn Cǎikuàngchǎng
Fungi Mine
Dutch Zwammenmijn Fungi Mines
French Mines fongiques Fungal mines
German Fungi-Mine Fungi Mine
Italian Miniera Fungispora Fungi-spore Mine
Korean 곰팡 광산
Gompang Gwangsan
Mold Mine
Portuguese Minas Fungiformes Fungiform Mines
Russian Рудники Гриб Ни Цзы
Rudniki Grib Ni TSzy
Spanish Minas Fungijí Funhaha Mines, portmanteau of the prefix "fungi-" and the onomatopoeia "jijí" (laughing)