Bone Goomba

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Bone Goomba
Bone Goomba.png
Artwork of a Bone Goomba from New Super Mario Bros. 2.
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012)
Latest Appearance Mario Sports Superstars (2017)
Parent Species Goomba

Bone Goombas[1] are skeletal, undead versions of Goombas that first appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2. Appearing alongside other bone-related enemies like Bone Piranha Plants and Dry Bones in Towers and Castles, they wear skulls on their heads, but other than their appearance, they seem to be identical to ordinary Goombas, slowly walking forward and being able to be defeated with any attack. They first appear in World 1-NSMB2-Tower Course Icon.png.

When defeated, the skulls on their heads are smashed, revealing that they have a completely blue body similar to the Gloombas from the Paper Mario series and the Goombas found in caves in Super Mario Bros.[2] Additionally, they appear without skulls in World FlowerFireFlowericon.png-Ghost Icon.png, World 6's Ghost House, and in the Gold Classics Pack.

Bone Goombas appear in Mario Party: Island Tour on the Star-Crossed Skyway board. They appear on the third Star Stage and give out five Mini Ztars.

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Bone Goombas are enemies that can be fought in Marmalade Valley.

Bone Goombas appear in Mario Sports Superstars as one of the playable sidekicks in the soccer sport, marking the first playable appearance of a Bone Goomba. Unlike regular Goombas, Bone Goombas are exclusive to soccer. They also serve as obstacles in the Road to Superstar mode.


Paper Mario: Color Splash Enemy
Bone Goomba
PMCS Bone Goomba Idle Animated.gif HP 7 Type Normal D
PMCS Bone Goomba Card.png
Attack 4 Strong None
Defense 0 Weak None
Moves Headbonk Paint Red, Orange, Yellow
Location(s) Marmalade Valley
Quotes Usual: "Pah! You can't hurt my bone mask." ~ "Bone mask...activate!" ~ "I'm still a Goomba at heart." ~ "Welcome to the BONE ZONE!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Goombuesitos Dry Bones Goomba
French Goomb'os From Goomba and os (bone)


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