Village Stadium

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Village Stadium (Day) from Mario Sports SuperstarsVillage Stadium (Night) from Mario Sports Superstars
Village Stadium, with the day version on the left and night version on the right.

Village Stadium is one of the four available soccer stadiums in Mario Sports Superstars. As with all soccer stadiums barring Grand Stadium, it can be selected in day or night settings, though these serve only as aesthetics purposes. In the Mushroom Cup tournament, this stadium is the stadium used in the cup, as well as serving as the stadium in the Training modes, Free Play and Ring Challenge.

Ring Challenge[edit]

The player needs to shoot the ball past dummies made out of Rotating Blocks and into the rings to score a set amount points within the posted time limit. Higher difficulties require more rings to be shot through; Hard difficulty has a goalkeeper that will try to deflect the player's shots.

Free Training[edit]

The player can choose captains, their team, and play in Village Stadium where the only opponent is the goalkeeper. The player has an infinite amount of special shots that can be used. Music is not heard, and the ball constantly sparkles.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Estadio rural Rural Stadium