Big Field

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Big Field, with the day version on the left and night version on the right.

Big Field is one of the four baseball stadiums in the baseball mode of Mario Sports Superstars. The stadium takes place in a more urbanized area, as indicated by skyscrapers in the background. The city that the stadium is located appears to be based on Cleveland, Ohio, as indicated by buildings that bear loose resemblance to that of the real-life Key Tower and Terminal Tower. This is also supported by the fact the stadium bears a loose resemblance to that of the real-life Progressive Field, home to the Cleveland Indians. As Country Field and Town Park, players can select a day or night variant of the stadium. Big Field is the stadium played in the Star Cup of the tournament mode. Out of all stadiums, this stadium has the closest resemblance to Mario Stadium of Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers.