Wild Valley

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Wild Valley
How to unlock Clear the Star Cup 
Number of Holes
Par 36 
Appearance(s) Mario Sports Superstars

Wild Valley is the only unlockable golf course in Mario Sports Superstars. It is unlocked when players clear the Star Cup in the golf portion of the game. The course features more narrow Fairways, strong winds, trickier, more sloped Greens, and many sloped elevations that make traversing this course more difficult than the previous three courses. The course occasionally rains, reducing the power of drives and putting. This course is the one played on when players play the Champion's Cup.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
Hole 1 WildValley1.png Par 4 326 meters A straight course with a curving Fairway that takes players to a narrow strip of uphill Green.
Hole 2 WildValley2.png Par 5 409 meters This course takes players uphill, where they need to hit the ball onto a highly elevated piece of Green on the top of the hill.
Hole 3 WildValley3.png Par 3 129 meters Players need to shoot the ball onto a drastically lower elevation, down a wide hole onto the Green.
Hole 4 WildValley4.png Par 4 358 meters A large rock obstructs the path of the ball, where players need to hit around to reach the Green, which has very sloped areas.
Hole 5 WildValley5.png Par 4 337 meters A notable feature of this course is a large tree on the center of the Fairway. The Fairway past the tree slopes downward into Bunkers if players hit too far. Past the tree is mostly Fairway and a small area of Green.
Hole 6 WildValley6.png Par 4 380 meters On the right of the course is a large Bunker trap while the left of the course has a tall cliff obstructing the path towards the Green.
Hole 7 WildValley7.png Par 3 142 meters Players need to hit the ball on a tall, highly elevated island, where it strongly curves downward, if players hit the ball too weak or too strong. Two Bunkers surround the Green, additionally.
Hole 8 WildValley8.png Par 4 356 meters The course features narrow Fairways that curve around a large cliff to the north and Bunker traps to the south.
Hole 9 WildValley9.png Par 5 414 meters The longest course in Wild Valley is also the last one. Players need to hit the ball past ruins of arches and pillars, going downhill, then across a large amount of Fairway and more pillars in the middle of the Fairway uphill, which obstruct the path towards the Green.