Green Farm 3

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Green Farm 3
Green Farm 3 overview from Mario Sports Superstars
Appears in Mario Sports Superstars
Cup(s) Mushroom Cup
Distance 900m
Course map
The map for Green Farm 3 in Mario Sports Superstars

Green Farm 3 is the third and final area of the Green Farm area in Mario Sports Superstars, as well as serving as the final track for the Mushroom Cup. As with all third tracks, it takes place in a different time of the day than the first two tracks, this time being in sunset. The course is the most complicated and trickiest of the Green Farm courses, featuring not only the turn-heaviest roads but also the most items and hazards in it. The track has a length of 900m, sharing the length with Green Farm 1, Yellow Leaves Hill 1, and Yellow Leaves Hill 3.

Course layout[edit]

Players start out on a straightaway, where the first hazard they come up upon is a long hedge. On going to the west part of the track, several more stars, carrots, and hedges are found, with clusters of stars typically being on the outer edges of the track and the carrots are in the inside of the track; the road additionally twists and turns. Near the westernmost portion of the track, players can either jump on the raised platform to the right or jump over a hedge to the left; a carrot and a higher carrot are available to players who can grab them, and players on the platform can grab them easier. In the straight portion of the track, dash panels are on the far left and right, and two items, a set of carrots or stars, are available, alongside obstructive hedges near the dash panels. Past this portion of the track is a gentle curve with hedges and carrots on top of them. Past this, players have to navigate a small cluster of trees that can slow horses down, as well as jumping in that area to retrieve a cluster of stars. After this, the road curves around, where players can cut through grass with the Star Dash technique, and a small cluster of various items can be obtained right before the finish line awaits the player.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Granja Glauca C Light Green Farm C