Emerald Woods

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Emerald Woods
How to unlock Available Initially 
Number of Holes
Par 36 
Appearance(s) Mario Sports Superstars

Emerald Woods is a golf course in Mario Sports Superstars. It is the first golf course in that game, with vast amounts of Fairway, few bunkers, and gently-sloped Greens. This course is the course played in the Mushroom Cup tournament. This course occasionally features rainy weather, which reduces power of hitting the ball, especially while putting.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
Hole 1 EmeraldWoods1.png Par 4 338 meters The first hole of the game, features mostly fairway and some trees in between the hole.
Hole 2 EmeraldWoods2.png Par 4 350 meters A slightly longer hole than the first, featuring more trees and a less straightforward course.
Hole 3 EmeraldWoods3.png Par 3 150 meters The first Par 3 course, featuring a large amount of flat Green.
Hole 4 EmeraldWoods4.png Par 5 425 meters The first Par 5 course, a long course that players can cut through trees if they are aiming for an Eagle.
Hole 5 EmeraldWoods5.png Par 4 271 meters A shorter Par 4 course than the others.
Hole 6 EmeraldWoods6.png Par 4 358 meters This course features a sharp curve to the left and trees, with a bunker trap waiting for players who hit too far.
Hole 7 EmeraldWoods7.png Par 3 137 meters A Par 3 course that players hit the ball to a strip of Green uphill.
Hole 8 EmeraldWoods8.png Par 4 374 meters This course features a river running through it, where if players hit into the river, they receive an Out of Bounds penalty.
Hole 9 EmeraldWoods9.png Par 5 462 meters This last course is a Par 5 course, featuring thinner strips of Fairway and more trees that can get in golfers' ways.