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This article is about the Super Paper Mario character. For the golfing term, see List of golfing terms § Green.
“I hate red stuff! But, you know, I didn't always hate everything red.”
Green, Super Paper Mario
Red and Green in Super Paper Mario
Species Flip-Flop Folk
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

Green is the younger brother of Red, and he is the Bridge Overseer needed to get out of Yold Town. He receives word from Old Man Watchitt to let the bridge down for "the hero".

After lowering the bridge, the bridge guard asks the player which color is best, giving choices of red, green, or both, just like his brother. Bowser or Luigi must answer the question, but he will kick Mario out regardless of the answer Mario gives. According to Tippi, he loves the color green and keeping the peace from the comfort of his bed. He mentions to Bowser and Luigi that he really does care for his brother, but got sick of his obsession with the color red. Incidentally, while he does hate the color red, he does not hate all things red. For example, he ate red spaghetti and meatballs his brother made him, and liked them. If the player talks to him as Peach, he will mistake her for Mario.

Catch Card[edit]

SPM Red and Green Catch Card.png

Card Type: Uncommon
Card Description: These brothers guard the bridges in Yold Town. Brothers will be brothers, even in strange dimensions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリン
Green (together, the brothers are 「レド&グリン」, "Red & Green".)