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“Hey! You! Ever try Dyllis's Love Noodle Dish?”
Buffy, Super Paper Mario

Buffy is a teenager resident from the first floor of Flopside in Super Paper Mario. Unlike her counterpart in Flipside, Muffy, she is obsessed with Dyllis's cooking instead of Saffron. Instead of liking desserts, she likes rice food. Her latest hobby is walking around working up a big appetite. According to Tippi, Buffy loathes her bathroom scale.

In the PAL version, Buffy is called "Nina", while her Flipside counterpart is named "Tina".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノーラ
French Mel
German Nina -
Italian Bea Common (nick)name, short for Beatrice; same as Bea
Spanish Sara