Lineland Road

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Lineland Road
SPM Lineland Road.png
Mario in 3D mode before crossing the hidden path
Level code 1-1
Game Super Paper Mario
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Lineland Road is the setting of the first of the four levels or sub-chapters that take place in Lineland in Super Paper Mario. It is a grassy plain, and one must cross it in order to reach Mount Lineland. Mario accesses Lineland Road through Flipside Tower's red door. This sub-chapter is a throwback to World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. in terms of the level design and layout, and introduces Mario's Flip ability. The level music is a combination of the overworld themes of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World.

Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds[edit]

Storyline text

Mario was called upon once again to save the world... no small task.

Could he prevent Count Bleck from pulling off his sinister plot?

Would Mario reunite with Princess Peach?

A truly interdimensional adventure was about to begin...

In the first section, Mario meets a Goomba, the first enemy in the game. He then comes across a ? Block with a coin. Five more blocks appear next. Two of them are ? Blocks with one of them containing a coin, and three of them are Brick Blocks containing nothing. The second ? Block contains a Mushroom. There is also a ? Block up top, containing another coin. Next is a Warp Pipe and another Goomba. Three Brick Blocks next to the Pipe can be seen. Two of them are regular Brick Blocks, and the last one is a secret ? Block. A door which is seemingly blocked off with Blocks appears, which can only be went over by standing on the "Brick Block". Bestovius's house is right next to a Squiglet. To the left of the Squiglet is a Warp Pipe containing an underground room with a Shroom Shake. A Save Block can be found outside Bestovius's house. When Mario enters the house, he reaches an empty room. When Tippi notices that Mario is stuck, she gives a short tutorial on how to use her Tattle ability. The ability helps reveal a hidden door in the room, where Bestovius awaits.

Upon meeting Bestovius, Mario asks him if he can provide him with the Flip ability, which would enable Mario to flip between 2-D and 3-D. Bestovius is skeptical, claiming that Mario does not seem to be the real hero that the Light Prognosticus has predicted to appear. To ensure that Mario is the hero, he asks him to pay a fee of ten thousand coins. If Mario declines the offer, Bestovius lowers the price to all the coins Mario currently has. Should Mario decline the offer yet another time, the ability does not cost anything at all.

Outside Bestovius's house, Mario can jump on top of the save block and onto the roof of the house to find a Squiglet card.

Mario, now being able to proceed through the door that was previously blocked off.

Once granted the Flip, Mario is able to find three 3-D ? Blocks, with two of them containing coins, and the middle one containing Pal Pills. He is also able to proceed through the seemingly blocked off door by flipping into 3-D. In the next section, Mario encounters four Goombas and four Koopa Troopas. There is a Warp Pipe that Mario needs to pass when he is in 3-D. Mario can find and obtain the Catch Card for Goombas behind the Warp Pipe. Next, Mario comes across two more Warp pipes. When Mario is Fliped here, he finds a 3-D Goomba behind the Pipe, and a 3-D ? Block containing a Mushroom. Mario is then faced with two more Goombas and a line of Brick Blocks and ? Blocks. There is a hole in this line, and a Pit in the middle of it. Next is a small grassy Island with two Squiglets, one Koopa Troopa, one Coin Block, and four ? Blocks, With the top one containing a Happy Flower. Next is a gap that is too wide for Mario to leap over, which requires the Flip ability to traverse. After Mario crosses the gap, he encounters a 3-D Goomba and Hard Block staircases with a Pit in the middle. He also encounters one 2-D Squiglet, one 3-D Squiglet, one 2-D Squig, and the door to the next section.

Upon making it to the third section of the level, Mario encounters a Sproing-Oing and a high wall. He can choose between either jumping on the springboard (with a sign on how to use it right next to it) or flipping into 3-D. If Mario chooses the latter, a ? Block with Pal Pills is behind the wall. Next is a small place with two 2-D Squiglets, one 3-D Squiglet, one 2-D Squig, and a small line of Brick Blocks. In the middle of the line is a ? Block that generates a random item: a coin, a Slow Flower, some Pal Pills, a Super Shroom, or a Zombie Shroom. Next is a giant wall that Mario must Flip to get around, but the wall contains 20 Squiglets inside of it. This wall has a Coin Block on top of it. Over the wall contains a Sproing-Oing, a staircase with a Koopa Troopa going down it. The other side of the staircase has a 3-D Sproing-Oing on it. There are also five blocks near the wall. Four of them are Brick Blocks and one of them is a ? Block with a coin inside. There is an Hidden Block containing a Mushroom on top of one of the Brick Blocks. Near the staircase is the door to the next section.

When he makes it to the final section, Mario finds three Piranha Plants inside of pipes. Then he is able to use the Mega Star. In this section, three Squiglets, three Squigs, three Piranha Plants, six Goombas and six Paragoombas are encountered. The Star Block can then be found, which ends the chapter and begins the next chapter, which takes place on Mount Lineland. However, Mario may flip into 3-D at this point just before hitting the block, revealing a narrow pathway that will lead him to a chest with the Koopa Troopa Catch Card.

Mario and Luigi return here much later on in the game while chasing Dimentio through the seven worlds. This is the first area they chase him through.


Friendly NPCs[edit]

Menu description[edit]

  • "Bestovius calls this calm, angular plain home." (before gaining the Flip ability)
  • "This calm plateau of angular lines is home to Bestovius. Bestovius taught Mario how to flip between dimensions here." (after gaining the Flip ability)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラインラインロード
Rain Rain Rōdo
Line Line Road
French Route Fildefer Wireframe Road
German Straße von Linearia Linearia Road
Italian La Strada di Linealandia Lineland Road
Korean 라인라인로드
Lain Lain Lodeu
Line Line Road
Spanish (NOE) Camino Lineal[1] Linear Road
The Adventure Unfolds
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぼうけんのはじまり
Bōken no Hajimari
The Adventure's Beginning
French L'aventure commence The adventure begins
German Das Abenteuer beginnt The adventure begins
Italian Si alza il Sipario The curtain rises
Korean 모험의 시작
Moheom-ui Sijag
The adventure begins
Spanish (NOE) La aventura comienza[1] The adventure begins