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“The Light Prognosticus... The Ancients wrote it to fight the Dark Prognosticus... It tells what the hero can do to save the world...”
Tippi, Super Paper Mario
Light Prognosticus
Mario next to the Light Prognosticus

The Light Prognosticus is a book of prophecies in Super Paper Mario. Written by Merlumina and/or Merloo (both are stated to have written it in-game) and created to counteract the Dark Prognosticus, it tells the future in a more optimistic view. Its main role is to instruct how the universal destruction prophesied by its grim counterpart can be prevented but, as Merlon says, its main purpose was to counteract the Dark Prognosticus, and so it is not actually prophetic. In other words, it says what one can do but, unlike the Dark Prognosticus, it does not say what will happen. However, the events it describes are not ones non-empowered prediction could give, and Merloo is said to be able to see the future in the Japanese script, so it was likely created using non-deterministic future vision.

Tippi tells the tale of the Light Prognosticus

The Light Prognosticus tells of a "legendary hero" who can stop The Void from engulfing all dimensions through the use of the Pure Hearts, and about the Heroes of Light. The book also tells of three other heroes who will aid in the legendary hero's quest to save creation. However, it also claims that the "man in green" will determine which Prognosticus states the truth.

The Light Prognosticus says that all worlds will be destroyed unless the one protected by the dark power is destroyed. The dark one initially is Count Bleck, however, when Dimentio later steals the Chaos Heart from him, he becomes the one protected by it.

The Light Prognosticus is in Merlon's possession, who studies the book to find clues in order to clarify events. From his studies, he determines that Mario is the person who fits the legendary hero's physical description.

The Light Prognosticus is mainly seen on its stand in Merlon's house, and temporarily on the floor while the stand is used to support a fainted Tippi until she is revived while the fifth Heart Pillar is activated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 白のヨゲン書
Shiro no Yogen-sho
White Prophecy Book
French Opus Luminus Light Opus
German Lichtes Prognosticon Light Prognosticus
Italian Profeticus Lucis Latin for Prophetic of the Light
Korean 하양예언서
White Prophet
Spanish Pronósticus Clárum Light Prognosticus