Mount Lineland

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Mount Lineland
SPM Mount Lineland.png
World-Level 1-2
Game Super Paper Mario
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Mount Lineland is a mountain ahead of Lineland Road, nestled before Yold Desert.

Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the Foothills[edit]

Storyline text

And so Mario came to learn the stupendous ability of flipping between dimensions.

But there was no time to celebrate: Mario still had a Pure Heart to find.

The trail ahead was overrun with savage beasts.

"Follow me," Tippi said, as she flew toward the mountain that loomed ahead.

The Pure Heart was hidden somewhere on the other side.
Mount Lineland flipping.PNG
Thwomps in an underground section.

After adventuring through Lineland Road, Mario and co. scale the mountain and eventually reach Yold Town, where they make it to the town's main square after a chat with Red. After Mario shows Old Man Watchitt Thoreau, his requirement to lift the bridge leading to Yold Desert, the old mayor calls up Green and orders him to let Mario through. Soon after that, the plumber crosses the bridge to the Yold Desert.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラインラインマウンテン
Rain Rain Maunten
Line Line Mountain
Spanish Monte Lineal Linear Mount
German Linienberg Line Mountain