Mount Lineland

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Mount Lineland
Mount Lineland
Mario following the road while avoiding Spiny Tromps in 3D mode
Level code 1-2
Game Super Paper Mario
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Mount Lineland is a mountain located past Lineland Road, and nestled before Yold Desert.

Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the Foothills[edit]

Storyline text

And so Mario came to learn the stupendous ability of flipping between dimensions.

But there was no time to celebrate: Mario still had a Pure Heart to find.

The trail ahead was overrun with savage beasts.

"Follow me," Tippi said, as she flew toward the mountain that loomed ahead.

The Pure Heart was hidden somewhere on the other side.

Mario being flipped along with strange rectangles on Mount Lineland.
Thwomps in an underground section.

Mount Lineland is a rocky region that requires Mario to climb many hills and mountains. At the start of the level are four ? Blocks (one containing a mushroom), two green Paratroopas (one 2-D, one 3-D) and a green Koopa Troopa. Further on is a tall mountain with a red Koopa Troopa nearby. In 3-D, Mario may find a hidden path behind the mountain, leading to a small room containing a Paratroopa Catch Card and a door that allows Mario to skip some of the level. Another red Koopa Troopa may be found in the middle of the mountain.

At the top of the mountain is a system of flipping rectangles. By standing in the red square at the start of the system, Mario can be carried to another area by the rectangles. There he will find a blue switch in front of a square block. Pressing the switch will create another mountain for Mario to climb, with more flipping rectangles at the top that will deliver him to a door. If the player falls on the ledge with the door, the player will fall onto a tiny ledge with a ? Block and a single coin inside it.

Through the door, over a pit and past a Koopa Troopa, Mario will find a wall too high to jump that he must pass using four ? Blocks found in 3-D. Higher up are more blocks that Mario can use to get on top of two lines of hard blocks, on top of which are one red Koopa Troopa and two Paratroopas. There is also an area to the left where the hidden door at the beginning of the level leads, along with a secret area that the player can access by jumping below one of the hard blocks to access a ladder that the player can climb up to a bonus area where the player walks on Clouds to collect Coins.

Past the hard blocks is a huge mountain with several Spiny Tromps, Big Spiny Tromps, and Small Spiny Tromps rolling down. At the top of this mountain is a door leading to Impasse Pass, a chasm too large for Mario to cross. Mario must use a Warp Pipe leading into the background, where he will find a house. The house appears to be empty, but in 3-D, Mario will find Red, a man trapped in 3-D. Panicking, Red asks Mario to flip back to 2-D with him. It works and Red asks how he can repay Mario. Tippi tells him that they need to cross the chasm outside and Red says that he can help, but only if Mario answers a question correctly. He then asks Mario what his favorite color is. If Mario answers "Green" or "Both", Red gets angry and kicks Mario out, but if he answers "Red", Red agrees with his choice and pulls a lever that creates a bridge across the chasm.

Across the chasm, Mario finds Yold Town. At the other side of the town, there is an even larger chasm. Mario meets the town's mayor, Old Man Watchitt and tells him that he is the hero and needs to pass. Watchitt refuses to believe Mario, though, because he was told the hero would have a Pixl shaped like a hand. A Boomboxer Card can be found on top of Watchitt's house.

Inside an empty house, Mario finds a pipe leading underground. In this area are five Thwomps that must be passed in 3-D. Through the door at the end of the room is a seemingly empty room with an invisible door that can be revealed by Tippi. In the next room, the door seals itself, trapping Mario and Tippi. Mario opens the large chest in the room and frees Thoreau, a Pixl with the ability to grab and throw things. Mario uses this ability to throw a block at a switch, opening the door.

Mario returns to Watchitt, who sees that Thoreau is shaped like a hand. He calls Green the bridgemaster and tells him to let Mario pass. Mario visits Green's house and the bridgemaster uses his lever to create a (noticeably larger) bridge across the chasm impeding Mario. Afterward, Green asks Mario what his favorite color is. No matter what Mario answers, Green gets angry and kicks Mario out.

Across the green bridge, Mario finds the Star Block that signals the end of the level.


Friendly NPCs[edit]

Menu description[edit]

  • "This rocky region features scenic mountain peaks. Yold Town lies over the mountains. The mayor is a descendant of the Ancients named Watchitt. You met a Pixl named Thoreau under one of the houses."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラインラインマウンテン
Rain Rain Maunten
Line Line Mountain
French Mont Fildefer Wireframe Mountain
German Linienberg Line Mountain
Italian Il Monte Linealandia Mount Lineland
Korean 라인라인마운틴
Lain Lain Mauntin
Line Line Mountain
Spanish (NOE) Monte Lineal[1] Mt. Linear
Afoot in the Foothills
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 山をこえてレッツ・ゴー!
Yama o Koete Rettsu Gō!
Cross the Mountain, Let's Go!
French Là-haut sur la montagne Up there on the mountain
German Zu Fuß ins Vorgebirge Walking into the foothills
Italian A piedi fra i monti Walking between mountains
Korean 산을 넘어 레츠 고!
San-eul neom-eo lecheu go!
Let's go over the mountain!
Spanish (NOE) En marcha por las colinas[1] Up and running through the hills