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Sprite of the You-Know-What item in Super Paper Mario.
"! Take it to Bestovius."
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

The You-Know-What is a compact disc containing unknown content in Super Paper Mario to be returned to Bestovius in the Piccolo sidequest. Nothing else is known about it except that it is a collector's item, as revealed by Bestovius after returning it to him.

At one point, Bestovius gives the item to Old Man Watchitt, but he never returns it, despite having been asked several times. When the heroes arrive at his house to collect the Training Machine for Merluvlee, Bestovius asks them to get it back in exchange; because Bestovius refuses to reveal any details about it to them, he simply tells them to ask Watchitt to give him the "You-Know-What," hence the name given to it as an item. The You-Know-What can be obtained only from Watchitt after obtaining Merlumina's autograph for him. Once Bestovius is given the item, he gives Mario and co. the Training Machine.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese れいのもの
Rei no Mono
That Thing; phonetically identical to the Tape

French Tu-sais-quoi
German Du-weißt-schon-was
Italian Tu-sai-cosa
Korean 그 물건
Geu mulgeon
That Thing

Spanish Eso que tú sabes
That that you know