Old Man Watchitt

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Old Man Watchitt
Old Man Watchitt
Species Flipsider/Shaman
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Whoozit?! I'm the elder around here, so watch it! What do you want? Get off my rug!”
Old Man Watchitt, Super Paper Mario

Old Man Watchitt (also known as simply "Watchitt") is the mayor of Yold Town. He is a minor character that doesn't let Mario progress until he finds the Pixl named Thoreau in town. After the Pixl is found, he gives Green a call to open the bridge. In the Piccolo side quest, he'll give the player the "You-Know-What" in exchange for an autograph from Merlumina in Chapter 1-4, Yold Ruins. It is also suggested by Tippi that Watchitt's grandson, Bozzo, may be mayor someday.

He has a habit of yelling "WATCH IT!" often. He is the cousin of Bestovius. According to Tippi, Watchitt also tends to talk to his beard and cane, and stays current with the latest gadgets. Possibly, the most defined characteristic of Watchitt is his gruffness. His Catch Card describes him as "crotchety" (see below). This is made apparent in his first speech, which, as his speech tends to be, was riddled with 'watch it's. According to Bestovius, he got angry at him when all he did was float over his rug.

Catch Card[edit]

Old Man Watchitt
Watchitt's Catch Card
  • Card Type: Uncommon
  • Card Description: Old Man Watchitt is the crotchety mayor of Yold Town. His job is to keep people from going to the ruins. You know, lawsuits and all that. WATCH IT!!!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミハール
Pun on「見張る」(miharu, to look out) and「デアール」(Deāru, Merlon)
French Fégaf Pun on "fais gaffe!" (French phrase meaning "watch it!")
German Onkel Passauf "Onkel" (uncle) + "pass auf" (literally translates into "watch out")
Italian Occhiaperti "Occhio" (eyes) and "aperti" (open)" means "keep your eyes open"/"watch it"
Korean 지키르
From "지키다" (jikida, to protect) and the Japanese name
Spanish Cuidadín Means "be careful"