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“Hi there! I'm Flamm, the Map Chap! I sell the hidden mysteries of the world here!”
Flamm, Super Paper Mario

Flamm is a map salesman found in B1 of Flopside, which is accessible after Chapter 5 during the game Super Paper Mario. His nickname is "The Map Chap". He is the flopped version of Flimm, and together, their names are a pun on "flimflam", which means "a swindle or other deceitful action". He is necessary to gain the map tab in the games menu.

By using Fleep in the various chapters where the X mark on a map is after buying one from Flamm, Mario and his pals can uncover various treasures, including the Catch Cards of the Chapter Bosses. Fleep will not work on these spots until the respective map is bought. The maps sold by Flamm are thought to have been collected by Heronicus's Flopside version, meaning he can somehow visit other dimensions, including Castle Bleck.

Map Locations[edit]

Map Number Location Item
Map 1 Flipside (Floor 3) Gold Bar
Map 2 Mirror Hall Welderberg Card
Map 3 Flipside B1 Ultra Shroom Shake
Map 4 Flipside Arcade King Sammer Card
Map 5 Flopside (Floor 3) O'Chunks Card
Map 6 Lineland Road Bestovius Card
Map 7 Mount Lineland Golden Leaf
Map 8 Yold Town Brobot L-Type Card
Map 9 Yold Desert Gold Bar x3
Map 10 Yold Desert Fracktail Card
Map 11 Yold Ruins Merlumina Card
Map 12 Gloam Valley Shooting Star
Map 13 Merlee's Mansion (2-2) Catch Card SP
Map 14 Merlee's Mansion (2-2) Gnip/Howl Card
Map 15 Merlee's Mansion (2-3) Mimi Card
Map 16 Merlee's Basement Gold Bar x3
Map 17 Merlee's Basement Dried Shroom
Map 18 The Bitlands Back Cursya Card
Map 19 The Bitlands Ultra Shroom Shake
Map 20 The Tile Pool Big Blooper Card
Map 21 The Tile Pool Power Plus
Map 22 The Tile Pool Dimentio Card
Map 23 Fort Francis Tiptron Card
Map 24 Fort Francis Francis Card
Map 25 Planet Blobule Squirps Card
Map 26 Planet Blobule Hooligon Card
Map 27 Outer Limits Mr. L Card
Map 28 Whoa Zone Brobot Card
Map 29 Whoa Zone HP Plus
Map 30 Downtown of Crag Muth Card
Map 31 Downtown of Crag Flint Cragley Card
Map 32 Gap of Crag Fire Burst
Map 33 Gap of Crag Ultra Shroom Shake
Map 34 Floro Caverns (5-3) Shooting Star
Map 35 Floro Caverns (5-3) Hornfels and Monzo Card
Map 36 Floro Caverns (5-4) Poison Shroom
Map 37 Floro Caverns (5-4) King Croacus Card
Map 38 The Underwhere Jaydes Card
Map 39 The Underwhere Underhand Card
Map 40 Underwhere Road Trial Stew
Map 41 Underwhere Road Underchomp Card
Map 42 Overthere Stair Gold Bar x3
Map 43 The Overthere Grambi Card
Map 44 The Overthere Luvbi Card
Map 45 The Overthere Bonechill Card
Map 46 Castle Bleck Entry Nastasia Card
Map 47 Castle Bleck Interior Super Dimentio Card
Map 48 Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum Count Bleck Card