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“Great. Just great. Know what I just heard? There are colorful doors on the tower!”
Skeet, Super Paper Mario

Skeet is a resident of Flipside from Super Paper Mario. He is a young man currently studying on how to become an architect. He is found in Flipside's Third Floor, where Flipside Tower is in view. Skeet stares at the tower every day, and Tippi thinks he should really start building his own life before he starts to build any buildings. He is the one that finds Princess Peach lying on the ground after she is teleported by Dimentio from The Void. He alerts Merlon of this and takes him to Peach along with Mario.

In general, Skeet is incredibly passionate about the tower of Flipside. Early in the game he will marvel about its minimalist design and color scheme, but throughout the game, he can be revealed to be fiercely opinionated about the subject through dialogue. He shows great disdain for the rainbow-colored doors appearing on top as the Heart Pillars are filled, believing it to ruin the tower's simple aesthetic design (ironically unaware the people he speaks to are the ones behind this). Skeet's interest in Flipside tower is so strong, he did enough research to discover a place with a black tower exists, scoffing at the idea and voicing his distaste for such an image. When the heroes suggest the colorful doors could have a purpose for appearing, Skeet is truly offended - however, towards the end of the game, he realizes that the tower may have always been designed with the doors in mind. After the end of the game, Skeet has finally learned of the tower's purpose in saving the world, and with his love renewed, declares that he will continue to keep watch of the tower and discover its many charms.

Skeet’s counterpart from Flopside is called Pete, who conversely is deeply fond of Flopside Tower and disgusted by the idea of its white counterpart.


  • "Um, y'see... A girl fell outta the sky!"
  • "BLACK, I said! You BELIEVE that? This tower must be WHITE! Just thinkin' about it in another color makes me MAD!"
  • "Vanilla's the best ice cream, NEVER write on paper, and tower's[sic] should be WHITE! Black towers... Gahhhhhhh! I need to be alone!"
  • "Had YOU heard about this complete atrocity? There are bright doors atop the tower!"
  • "Every time I turn around... THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!"
  • "This cannot stand, hear me? You agree, right? What? You're sure there's a good reason for it all?! How dare you."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポルポ
French Otto
German Rolf
Italian Fabio Common name
Spanish Toni