Skeet (character)

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“Um, y'see... A girl fell outta the sky!”
Skeet, Super Paper Mario

Skeet is a resident of Flipside from Super Paper Mario. He is a young man currently studying on how to become an architect. He is found in Flipside's Third Floor. Skeet stares at the tower every day, and Tippi thinks he should really start building his own life before he starts to build any buildings. He is the one that finds Princess Peach lying on the ground after she is teleported by Dimentio from The Void. He alerts Merlon of this and takes him to Peach along with Mario.

Skeet’s counterpart from Flopside is called Pete.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポルポ
French Otto
German Rolf
Italian Fabio Common name
Spanish Toni