Flopside Tower

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Flopside Tower
The top of Flopside Tower, with The Void in the background

Flopside Tower is a tall, dark structure situated in the center of Flopside. Like Flipside Tower, it is the highest accessible floor in the town, and jumping off of it serves as a shortcut to the third floor. However, unlike its Flipside counterpart, it is only accessible via an elevator located on the second floor, whereas the Flipside Tower is accessible via the Return Pipe in addition to Flipside's second floor elevator. However, if the player uses the Return Pipe in Castle Bleck, they will be taken to Flopside Tower instead.

Flopside Tower acts as the Flopside equivalent to Flipside Tower. As a result, it has a very similar function. However, unlike Flipside tower, which allows access to seven different dimensions, Flopside Tower only allows access to the last dimension in the game, Castle Bleck.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウラハザマタワー
Ura Hazama Tawā
Opposite-side Gap Tower

French Tour Verso
German Flopstadt-Turm
Floptown Tower
Italian Torre di Svoltadiqua
Spanish Torre de Villacruz
Flopside Tower