Floro Cragnien

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Super Paper Mario enemy
Floro Cragnien
FloroCragnien.png Sprite of a Floro Cragnien (variant) from Super Paper Mario.
Location(s) Floro Caverns (5-3 and 5-4)
Max HP 10
Attack 1
Defense 0
Score −100
Items Primordial Fruit, Keel Mango
Card type Uncommon
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP; Chapter 5-4: Found at the far left of room with the caged Floro Cragniens.
Card description
This poor Cragnon has been zombified by King Croacus. Don't beat on it, or you'll lose some serious points.
That Cragnon has been brainwashed with a strange sprout by the Floro Sapiens... Max HP is 10 and Attack is 1. They will attack any intruder... They aren't so tough, but if you stomp one, your score will go down... They are usually found in the mine, looking for gems for King Croacus...
List of Catch Cards
153           154           155
“But first... You see other crew Cragnons? With little sprout on top of head? Floro Sapiens using sprouts to mind-control Cragnons...”
Hornfels, Super Paper Mario

Floro Cragniens are the brainwashed version of Cragnons. They were brainwashed by minions of King Croacus IV in order to get back at them for throwing garbage in the water that the Floro Sapiens thrive on. The name "Floro Cragnien" is derived from "Floro Sapien" and "Cragnon". The difference between Cragnons and Floro Cragniens is that the latter wear a Floro Sprout on their head, which is presumably a mind-control device used by the fiends. Later in the game, Mario and co. must wear a dead Floro Sprout on their head in order to pass through a special gate that leads to the Floro Sapiens inner chambers.

If the heroes defeat a Floro Cragnien, they will lose 100 points, but they can still perform stylish moves to gain bonus points.

After the events of Chapter 5, Floro Cragniens no longer appear since the Floro Sapiens released them in exchange for Flint Cragley's promise to tell the Cragnons to stop polluting the water.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロック人
Rokku Jin
Same as Cragnon
French Floro Cragnon -
German Klipposapiens From the German name of the Cragnons (Klippulaner) and the Latin word "sapiens"
Italian Floro Cromagno From "Floro Sapien" and the Italian name of the Cragnons (Cromagnoidi)
Korean 록인
Same as Cragnon
Spanish Floro Rocoliens From "Floro Sapiens" and Rocolita (Cragnons in Spanish)