Three hags

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Three hags
The three hags
Full name Hagnes, Hagra, and Hagitha
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

The three hags are characters from Super Paper Mario that are found in the Underwhere Road behind a couple of pink doors with a heart on each of them. Their names are Hagra, Hagitha, and Hagnes. They are based on the three Moirai, or the Fates, in Greek mythology. They all have a favor to ask the player, but only Hagra's is required; the other two are optional.


  • Hagra will ask the player to get her Diet Book from a D-Man and sends the player to him, as the player earns a reward, it will be the Door Key.
  • Hagitha will send the player on a similar quest. She sends the player to ask a D-man to record a show for her. She will also tell the player a strategy to defeating the Underchomp: it falls asleep when playing music near it (which is a hint that the player should use Piccolo the Pixl).
  • Hagnes' request is to listen to her talk for a while. She will tell the player a long-winded love story from her past (similar to Merlumina, though Mario does not fall asleep), revealing that as a youth, she competed with a rival for Grambi's affections, only to lose him to the other woman, Jaydes. The reward is a thank you.


Each of the hags, if the player refuses the favor, will give a long, ranting speech railing against the younger generation, similar to Koopa Koot from Paper Mario. Hagra and Hagitha's speeches are identical until they get to what they blame; Hagra blames video games, claiming that simulated worlds drain away a person's ability to relate to real people, while Hagitha blames cellular phones, reasoning that being able to chat long-distance makes one uncomfortable with talking face to face. Hagnes, however, takes a comical turn when she realizes that when she was a young person, she was just as bad, giving her elders "nothing but grief".

Names in other languages[edit]

Three hags[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンダーランド三姉妹
Andārando San-shimai
The Underwhere's Three Sisters

French Les Mégères d'enfer
The Terrific Scolds; possibly a pun on Mégère ("Megaera") and enfer ("hell")
Italian Tre anziane sorelle
Three old sisters
Spanish Tres hermanas ancianas
Three old sisters


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ババーラ
Likely derived from「婆」(babā, old woman) and the female name "Barbara"; shared with Nana

French Mégèra
German Hagra
Italian Megera
Spanish Nadine


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ババーヤ
Likely derived from「婆」(babā, old woman) and name ending「や」(-ya)

French Mégèrine
German Hagitha
Italian Megerina
Spanish Sabine


Language Name Meaning
Japanese ババーナ
Likely derived from「婆」(babā, old woman) and feminine suffix「な」(na)

French Mégèrelle
German Hagzissa
Italian Megerella
Spanish Celine