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Jasperoid (left) and Skarn (right) in Downtown of Crag, worshipping Big Rock Who Watches.

Jasperoid, Super Paper Mario

Jasperoid is a Cragnon in Super Paper Mario. He resides in Downtown of Crag and is very important in the game.

When the three heroes (Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser, along with the Pixls) first enter the Land of Cragnons, Jasperoid and Skarn are chanting to the Big Rock Who Watches for help to defeat the Floro Sapiens, who are enslaving the Cragnons. It is at this point that the heroes fall out of the sky and in between the two. The two assume that they were sent by the Big Rock Who Watches, and take them to Marbald, the Cragnon elder.

When the heroes leave the elder's house, the village is empty. However if Mario or the other heroes keep on walking, leave the town, go off into the desert then return, they will find Jasperoid. Jasperoid gives them some codes. These codes must be used to make Warp Pipes leading to latter parts appear.

The codes tell the heroes which blocks to hit. Later in Chapter 5-1, there will be brown blocks that Mario and the heroes must hit in a certain order to make a Warp Pipe appear. There are two sets of blocks in the game: an easy one in the beginning of the chapter and a more difficult one at the end. Jasperoid recommends writing down this latter code for reference purposes, and he only gives the second code if the player says "PLEASE" to him four times.


Code 1 - Used for the first set of blocks:

Left, Right, Middle

Code 2 - Used for the second set of blocks before the Star Block:

Middle, Right, Left,
Left, Right, Middle,
Right, Left, Right,
Right, Middle, Right,
Right, Left, Middle,
Middle, Left, Left,
Left, Right, Left,
Left, Left, Middle,