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Cyrrus and Luigi
“Hi! I'm Cyrrus! I'm a newborn cloud! Pleased to meetcha! I've got big dreams! Big ones! I wanna be the biggest cloud I can be! I heard about this one guy who could grow big just by eating a Mushroom. That would be SO COOL! If you could find a big-making thing like that, give it to me!”
Cyrrus, Super Paper Mario
Cyrrus from Super Paper Mario

Cyrrus is a newborn cloud in Super Paper Mario in The Overthere, reminiscent of a jump-over cloud. His name comes from the given name "Cyrus" and from a type of long, thin cloud known as the "cirrus" (even though he more closely resembles a cumulus cloud). Tippi even mistakenly refers to him as "Cirrus" when tattling him right after meeting him.

If the player brings him a Red Apple, he will grow large enough so that any character that jumps on him will bounce all the way into orbit before falling back down to a cloud above him, though if the player gives him any other apple, he will get the same side effects as Peach whilst sleeping.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クモくん
From「雲」(kumo, cloud) and「くん」(-kun, a suffix used in Japan, usually to denote a man younger or the same age as the speaker)

Italian Cirus
From English