Blumiere's father

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“Blumiere, my son, don't! Even your ancestors could not handle that dark book…”
Blumiere's father, Super Paper Mario
Blumiere and his father arguing about Lady Timpani
Blumiere's father's silhouette in Super Mario-kun

Blumiere's father was a member of the Tribe of Darkness. Little is known about the father, and he is only mentioned in a few of Blumiere's backstory segments in Super Paper Mario.

Blumiere's father did not accept the love his son expressed for the human, Lady Timpani, since marrying anyone outside of the tribe was forbidden out of fear that their powerful magic bloodline would become diluted (as explained by Carson). Upon learning that the two lovers were planning to elope, Blumiere's father stopped their marriage by using his magic powers to curse Timpani to wander the dimensions until the day she died. Losing Timpani spurred Blumiere to steal the Dark Prognosticus from the care of his tribe so that he could destroy the world that took his love away. Blumiere's father begged him to stop, but Blumiere, now calling himself Count Bleck, killed him and wiped out the rest of the Tribe of Darkness as the first step towards destroying the world.

Although Blumiere's father does not make a physical appearance in Super Paper Mario, his silhouette appears in the game's adaptation in Super Mario-kun. He is depicted as a heavyset figure with a large mustache, and wears what resembles a bowler hat.