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The Mansion Patrol game

Mansion Patrol is a minigame from the Arcade in Super Paper Mario. It may be a reference to Luigi's Mansion, which also dealt with fighting ghosts in a mansion.

In this minigame, the player points the Wii Remote at the screen and then moves the cursor to aim. In order to shoot, the player has to press the A Button or B Button button. The object of the game is to blast the Boos before they get to the player to score points. If the player blasts a lot of Boos in a row without missing, then they score more points. Sometimes a Boo will fly across the screen, holding Toad. If the Boo is shot, Toad is saved and the player will be rewarded an item, but if the player shoots Toad, they are docked points. If a Boo gets too close, it will attack, costing the player a life. If the player loses all their lives, the game is over. Ten rounds are required to complete this minigame.


  • Wii Remote – Aim
  • A Button/B Button – Shoot


  • Boo or Dark Boo - 400 points
    • Nice - 480
    • Good - 560
    • Great - 640
    • Wonderful - 720
    • Excellent - 800
  • Big Boo - 5000
    • Nice - 6000
    • Good - 7000
    • Great - 8000
    • Wonderful - 9000
    • Excellent - 10000
  • Save Toad: 3000 + Item
  • Shoot Toad: -1000


  • Mushroom: Gives the player one life.
  • Flower: 10 seconds of Autofire.
  • Star: Stuns all on-screen ghosts temporarily.

High scores[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オバケバスター
Obake Basutā
Ghost Buster

French Tir à Boo portant
Pun on "Tir à bout portant" (Point blank shot) and "Boo"
German Villa-Patrouille
Villa Patrol
Italian Pattuglia la villa
Patrol the mansion
Spanish Patrulla de la Mansión
Patrol of the Mansion