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Cott talking to Mario
“To tell you the truth...I never really liked these Mushrooms all that much. But thinking they were tasty helped me survive each day... Yay, optimism!”
Cott, Super Paper Mario

Cott is a captive held by Mimi in Merlee's Mansion in Super Paper Mario.

He is always seen in the room at the second floor of the mansion, near the ? Block giving Mushrooms for 10 Rubees each. Although he does not really like Mushrooms, he relies on them to help him survive each day and considers eating them the only pleasure allowed in Mimi's factory. After Chapter 2 is cleared, he will be absent.


  • "That's Cott... This guy is another captive... He seems the type to try not to think about the harshness of reality..."

Names in==Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ティン