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This article is about the character from Super Paper Mario. For the Yoshi's Safari character, see King Fret.
“Hey you hear? Word is, some cute girl fell out of that hole in the sky!”
Fret, Super Paper Mario
Fret in the game Super Paper Mario.

Fret is a resident from Flipside's second floor in Super Paper Mario. His hobby is writing all the things he wants to do before his game ends, but he has not accomplished any of them. He appears to play minigames at the Flipside Arcade, since he holds multiple high scores: 200,000 in Tilt Island, 300,000 in Hammer Whacker, and 400,000 in Mansion Patrol. He is very fond of the four heroes for saving all worlds. He has a Flopside counterpart named Chet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンク
French Chari
German Kuno
Italian Ermanno Herman
Spanish Pepe