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Super Paper Mario enemy
Sprite of a Squog from Super Paper Mario.
Location(s) Gap of Crag (5-2), Flopside 1st Floor Outskirts, Flopside B2 Outskirts, The Underwhere (7-1), Overthere Stair (7-3), Flipside Pit of 100 Trials (Rooms 44, 49, 68 and 77)
Role Common
Max HP 10
Attack 2
Defense 0
Score 400
Card type Common
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card description
For wild, feral animals, Squogs are pretty cute. That is, until you see them eating.
It's a Squog. Essentially, these beasts are big, surly Squigs... Max HP is 10 and Attack is 2. Squogs will spit rocks at any enemy they see... The rocks they spit come at you quite fast, but you should be able to beat them easily.
List of Catch Cards
45           46           47

Squogs are the third strongest variant of Squiglet in the game, Super Paper Mario. They are green and can spit rocks. They are just about twice as strong as Squigs and the rocks that they spit are faster as well. Squogs are found in the Land of the Cragnons, in the Flopside Outskirts and in floors 44, 49, 68, and 77 of Flipside Pit of 100 Trials.

Their name comes from either "square" or "squiggle", and "hog".

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テトラドン
Variation of "tetragon"; also derived from「テトラ」(Tetora, Squiglet) and possibly「~ドン」(-don, a common suffix of monster names)

French Grouik
Onomatopoeia of a pig's shriek
German Squog
Italian Squog
Korean 테트라스
Tetras; variation of Tetra

Spanish Oinko
Masculine adaption of "Oink" (Squig)