Sammer's Endgame

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Sammer's Endgame
Sammer's Endgame
Level code 6-4
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss End Boss
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Sammer's Endgame is the location of the final twenty-five rounds in the Duel of 100 in Super Paper Mario. It is not visited in the main story, as Sammer's Kingdom is destroyed by the Void before the heroes reach it. It can be visited after completion of the game to complete the Duel of 100. After the final Sammer Guy is defeated, King Sammer awards the heroes with Catch Cards of the partners from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Duel of 100[edit]

Normal Enemies[edit]

Sammer Guys[edit]

Menu description[edit]

  • "This land is host to the legendary Duel of 100. You have to face Sammer Guys 76 to 100. Only a few warriors remain. But what will you get?" (before beating the chapter)
  • "This land is host to the legendary Duel of 100. You had to face Sammer Guys 76 to 100. You beat the final Sammer Guy and got a rare prize!" (after beating the chapter)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モノノフ王国 4
Mononofu Ōkoku 4
Sammer's Kingdom 4
French Fin du tournoi End of the Tournament
German Milit - Das Ende in Sicht
Italian La fine del Regno d'Eztate The End of Sammer's Kingdom
Spanish El final de Samito

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