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“Bite your crag, brah! Do not doubt power of Big Rock Who Watches!”
Skarn, Super Paper Mario
Jasperoid (left) and Skarn (right) in Downtown of Crag, chanting to Big Rock Who Watches

Skarn is a Cragnon residing in Downtown of Crag. He is one of the first Cragnons the player meets.

When the heroes (Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser) first enter the cyan door, Skarn and Jasperoid are seen chanting to the Big Rock Who Watches for deliverance from the Floro Sapiens, who continually attack the Cragnon village. The heroes fall right in between the two Cragnons and, assuming they were sent by the Big Rock Who Watches, Skarn and Jasperoid take them back to the village, where Skarn helps tell of the Cragnons' enslavement.

After the player agrees to help the Cragnons, if they knock on one of the Cragnon caves, Skarn will tell them to go away, believing them to be Floro Sapiens.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Tufo Tuff