Spiky Skellobait

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Super Paper Mario enemy
Spiky Skellobait
Sprite of a Spiky Skellobait from Super Paper Mario.
Location(s) Overthere Stair (7-3), The Overthere (7-4), Castle Bleck Interior (8-3)
Role Common
Max HP 5
Attack 2
Defense 1
Score 500
Items Super Shroom Shake
Card type Common
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card description
That's a Spiky Skellobait. Like a Skellobait, but spikier. You can't stomp on it or throw it, so don't even try. Just use a Skellobomber's head, why don't you?
That's a Spiky Skellobait. These little creatures depend on Skellobombers... Max HP is 5, Attack is 2, Defense is 1. They also have spikes. If you get hit by their chilly breath, you'll be frozen solid... They use the ancient magic of The Underwhere and The Overthere for evil...
List of Catch Cards
165           166           167

The Spiky Skellobait is an enemy in Super Paper Mario. It is a green skeleton consisting of only the ribs and a spike-topped skull. The Spiky Skellobait is dropped by Skellobombers, so they are rarely, if ever, seen without one. It crawls around on the ground, and blows freezing breath at the player if it sees them.

Related species[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲカッチコッチ
Toge Kacchikocchi
Spiky Skellobait

French Minipic
German Pieks-Skelippo
Pieks ("spike") + portmanteau of Skelett ("skeleton") and the male name Beppo
Italian Pungischelobyte
Spiky Skelobyte
Korean 가시꽁다귀
Gasi Kkongdagwi

Spanish Esquelocebo Pinchón
Spiky Skellobait