Itty Bits

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“Thanks a bitty bunch! Come again!”
The shop's owner, Super Paper Mario
Itty Bits in Flopside. Mario for scale.
The Entrance to the Itty Bits in Flopside

Itty Bits is a chain of shops in the game Super Paper Mario. They are very small cooking shops located in various places, such as the Dotwood Tree, Flipside, Flopside, Land of the Cragnons, and The Overthere. The shop is small, so the player needs Dottie to enter it. The shop's owner is very small, however, and is not seen. The shop sells cooking ingredients and rare items, such as the Big Egg and Horsetail.



Flipside's Itty Bits is found on the B1, after jumping in the water, and swimming down through to the other side where Flimm is. Past Flimm is the shop.

Item Price
Cake Mix from Super Paper Mario.
Cake Mix
25 Coins
Big Egg
Big Egg
25 Coins
Honey Jar SPM.png
Honey Jar
20 Coins


Flopside's Itty Bits location is the mirror equivalent of Flipside's Itty Bits. However the water will not appear unless the player flips into 3D. The shop is past Flamm.

Item Price
Fresh Pasta Bunch SPM.png
Fresh Pasta Bunch
30 Coins
Power Steak SPM.png
Power Steak
35 Coins
Smelly Herb SPM.png
Smelly Herb
15 Coins

The Dotwood Tree[edit]

Another Itty Bits can be found in the Dotwood Tree of Chapter 3-3. It is found past the tree on the far right on the first area of the chapter.

Item Price
Peachy Peach SPM.png
Peachy Peach
25 Coins
Fresh Veggie SPM.png
Fresh Veggie
20 Coins
A Horsetail in Super Paper Mario.
18 Coins

Downtown of Crag[edit]

Downtown of Crag of Chapter 5-1 store is located just to the right of the entry point. Tuff can be usually seen standing next to it.

Item Price
A Keel Mango from Super Paper Mario.
Keel Mango
20 Coins
Mild Cocoa Bean SPM.png
Mild Cocoa Bean
20 Coins

The Overthere[edit]

The last Itty Bits store can be found in The Overthere in Chapter 7-4. This store is located on top of the building right before the Rainbow Bridge.

Item Price
Hot Dog SPM.png
Hot Dog
120 Coins
Hot Sauce from Super Paper Mario.
Hot Sauce
20 Coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プチフラワー
Puchi Furawā
Petit Flower
French Minuscule boutique Tiny shop
German Klitzebits Teenybits
Italian Di tutto un po' A little of everything
Spanish Tienda de Bocaditos Little Bits Store (From bocados, meaning "bite-sized bits")