Smelly Herb

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Smelly Herb
Smelly Herb SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description An aromatherapy herb that restores 5 HP and cures poison.

A Smelly Herb is an item found in Super Paper Mario. They replenish five HP, cure poison, and are good for at least two recipes. Enemies such as Clubbas and Squigs can drop these at a rare chance, and they are also for sale in the Itty Bits shop in Flopside. Smelly Herbs may be related to Stinky Herbs of Paper Mario.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game that Recipe is in
Smelly Herb Herb Tea Super Paper Mario
Smelly Herb + Shroom Shake Shroom Broth

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハーブ
French Feuille de menthe Mint leaf
German Kräuter Herb
Italian Erbetta Herb
Korean 허브
Spanish Hierba Aromática Aromatic Herb