Roast Shroom Dish

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Roast Shroom Dish
RoastShroomDish SPM.png
Appears in: Super Paper Mario
Made by: Saffron
HP restored: 30
FP restored: 0

A Roast Shroom Dish is a recipe in Super Paper Mario made by Saffron. It is a lavish shroom dish that replenishes 30 HP and cures poison. It is made from a Super Shroom Shake or a Life Shroom. Using a Life Shroom to make it is recommended, since they only cost 50 coins from Yold Town; whereas the Roast Shroom Dish sells for 96 coins.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game it is in
Super Shroom Shake Roast Shroom Dish Super Paper Mario
Life Shroom
Roast Shroom Dish + Fruity Hamburger Dyllis Special

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Champis Asados Roast Shrooms
German Pilz-Muffin Mushroom Muffin