Frozen Fries

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Frozen Fries
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Paper Mario Description A side dish made by Tayce T. Restores 15 HP.

Frozen Fries are a recipe item in Paper Mario. They are depicted as a red cardboard carton full of french fries.

Tayce T. can cook Frozen Fried with an Iced Potato and a Fire Flower. They restore fifteen HP and can be sold for the most at Shiver City, who will pay eighteen Coins. While this does triple the amount of HP that would have been healed by the Iced Potato, one does lose the offensive capabilities of the Fire Flower.

French Fries are created by frying strips of potato. Since an "Iced" potato is being used in this recipe, the fries are appropriately "Frozen". Since the fries are not only being cooked, but are being cooked by the flames of a Fire Flower, the name is probably cosmetic only. This can also be seen in their Japanese name.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Iced Potato + Fire Flower Frozen Fries

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フライドさむイモ[1]
Furaido Samu Imo
Fried Cold Potato
French Frites gelées Frozen Fries
Chinese 冰冻薯条
Bīngdòng Shǔtiáo
Frozen French Fries


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