Castle Key (Peach's Castle)

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Castle Key
PM Peach Castle Key.png
"Opens a locked door in Princess Peach's Castle."

First appearance

Paper Mario (2000)

The Castle Key is a name given to two different keys in Peach's Castle in Paper Mario, used by Princess Peach in two separate instances in which she sneaks out with Twink. The first Castle Key is given by Gourmet Guy in Chapter 4. This key opens the door to the first floor where Peach can bake the Special Strawberry Cake. The second Castle Key is given by a Koopatrol in Chapter 6. The Koopatrol asks Peach, who is disguised as another Koopatrol, to find a Clubba outside the castle. This key opens the door to the outside of the castle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おしろのカギ[1]
Oshiro no Kagi
Castle Key
Chinese 城堡钥匙[2]
Chéngbǎo Yàoshi
Castle Key


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