Sneaky Parasol

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Sneaky Parasol
PM Sneaky Parasol.png
"A fabulous parasol given to quiz show participants."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

The Sneaky Parasol is an item obtained in Paper Mario. Princess Peach can use it to look like anyone in her castle. After Mario and company defeated Lava Piranha and rescued the Star Spirit Misstar, Peach participates in the 64th Trivia Quiz-Off and, regardless of whether she wins, gets it as a prize for participating.

To use the parasol, Peach must sneak behind a Koopatrol, Clubba, or Hammer Bro and press B Button to transform. Pressing B Button again will transform Peach back to normal.

Peach using the Sneaky Parasol on a Koopatrol.
Peach using the Sneaky Parasol on a Koopatrol

During Peach's event, after Mario and his teammates defeat Huff N. Puff and rescue the Star Spirit Klevar, she uses this item to turn herself into one of Bowser's guards and wander around her castle without getting caught. Kammy Koopa is the only one of Bowser's minions to see through the disguise by noticing what she thinks is one of the guards smelling too nice, exposing Peach. The napping Clubba outside the castle door Peach uses to disguise herself as does notice how unusual it is that there is a clone of him talking to him, but resumes napping and doesn't mention it to anyone or doesn't do anything about it.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese へんしんパラソル[1]
Henshin Parasoru
Transformation Parasol

Chinese 鬼伞[2]
Ghost umbrella


  • During the interlude after Chapter 6, there is a glitch the player can perform. If Peach uses the parasol on a Koopatrol or Hammer Bro before they spot her, she will turn into them. However, they will treat her as the princess and send her back to her room in a different manner.


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