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Mailbag PM.png
"A bag full of letters. Return it to the Post Office."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

The Mailbag (alternatively known as the Mail Bag[1]) is a key item found in Paper Mario. It is used in the Toad Town Post Office to store letters delivered to Mario's partners.

After Mario rescues the third Star Spirit, Skolar, he and his partners return to Toad Town as usual. However, they are surprised to find that the Shy Guys from Shy Guy's Toy Box have appeared and are causing all sorts of mischief around Toad Town. When Mario nears the Toad Town Post Office, he discovers one of the Shy Guys stealing a Mailbag and running back to Shy Guy's Toy Box with it. Since it was stolen, the postmaster at the Post Office counter cannot give mail to anyone who sends it.

The Mailbag is located at the Pink Station of Shy Guy's Toy Box. Mario can only get to that area by first retrieving the Storeroom Key in the Blue Station and returning it to Harry T. to access the storeroom in Harry T.'s Shop. Inside the storeroom is a special item that Mario needs to travel to the Pink Station - the Toy Train. When Mario approaches to the Toy Box that leads to Shy Guy's Toy Box, he first puts the Toy Train in the box to travel between the train stations. When Mario finally travels to the Pink Station in the area, he eventually discovers a treasure chest that contains the Mailbag.

Returning the Mailbag to postmaster at the counter of the Post Office entitles Mario to a Star Piece as a reward and enables the player to read the once-stolen letters again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てがみのフクロ[2]
Tegami no Fukuro


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