Palace Key (Paper Mario)

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Palace Key
The Palace Key from Paper Mario
Paper Mario description Opens a locked door in the Crystal Palace.

A Palace Key is a key item in Paper Mario. It appears in Crystal Palace along with a Red Key and a Blue Key.

After Mario and co make great progress in Crystal Palace, they encounter a room with two locked doors on the east side. Mario uses the hole on the "mirror" in this room to go to the area behind the mirror, and eventually encounters a small Albino Dino statue in a hallway. After Mario pushes it, the big Albino Dino statue on the south side moves along. Mario then goes back to the south side to access the area below the big Albino Dino statue, and finds a Palace Key in a chest at the end of the path. After Mario uses the key on one of the locked doors, they are both unlocked, allowing Mario to access the Albino Dino riddle room.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しんでんのカギ[1]
Shinden no Kagi
Temple Key

Chinese (simplified) 宫殿钥匙[2]
Gōngdiàn Yàoshi
Palace Key


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