Mega Smash

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Mega Smash
Mega Smash Badge.png Sprite of the unused Mega Smash badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
BP Needed
First Appearance Paper Mario (2000
Paper Mario Description Lets you do a Mega Smash. Uses 6 FP. Hammers an enemy with a huge amount of attack power.

Mega Smash is a Badge in Paper Mario. It can be found in Flower Fields, inside of a cave at the top of a hill (though it is blocked by a rock that can only be blown up with Bombette). If Mario equips the Badge, he can use a move called Mega Smash, a hammer attack that requires six FP to use. It acts like a normal hammer attack, but it deals 4 more damage, whereas Power Smash only deals 2 more damage.

Similarly to its jump-based counterpart, Mega Jump, both data and a sprite exist for the badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but go unused in the final game.

Merluvlee's prediction[edit]

  • "I see...a Mega Smash Badge. You see it on the road to the Sun Tower in Flower Fields. You ascend the stairs then use a friend to blast the rock. The way to the Badge opens."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドカーンナグーリ
dokān nagūri
Dokan is an onomatopoeia for "with a bang". Naguri is the noun form of naguru, "to strike/hit/beat/punch/etc."
Chinese 终极重击勋章
Zhōngjí Zhòngjī Xūnzhāng
Ultra Smash Badge
French Méga Coup Mega Blow
German Mega-Dotz Mega Blow. "Dotz" being a synonym for Hieb (blow).
Spanish Mega Golpe Mega Blow