Volcano Vase

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Volcano Vase
VolcanoVase PM.png
"A treasure found inside Mt. Lavalava."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Mario! Good heavens! It's the treasure! How on earth did you...”
Kolorado, Paper Mario
Kolorado and the Treasure of Mt. Lavalava
Kolorado finding the treasure chest containing the Volcano Vase in Mt. Lavalava

The Volcano Vase is a special quest item that is found during the events of Paper Mario.

After defeating Lava Piranha on Lavalava Island, Mt. Lavalava erupts and launches the treasure chest that contains the Volcano Vase into the air. The chest lands on the island in the Jade Jungle where Sushie was trapped. Giving the vase to Kolorado in Yoshi's Village causes him to exchange it for a Magical Seed which Mario needs to use in order to gain access to the Flower Fields.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かざんのたから[1]
Kazan no Takara
Volcano's Treasure

Chinese 火山宝瓶[2]
Huǒshān Bǎopíng
Volcano treasure vase


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