Yoshi's Village

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Not to be confused with Yoshi Village.
Yoshi's Village
Yoshi Village.png
Mario and Watt in Yoshi's Village as well as many Yoshis.
Greater Location Lavalava Island
Ruler Village Leader
Inhabitants Yoshis, Ravens, Sushie, and a Toad
First Appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Yoshi's Village is a small coastal village that is visited during Paper Mario. It is located on Lavalava Island. As its name suggests, the village is entirely inhabited by Yoshis, who are led by the rather plump Village Leader. The buildings in this village are all made of straw, bamboo and other natural materials. There is a Toad House and an item shop named Yoshi's Cabana.

Mario comes upon this village during his journeys in Chapter 5. During his adventures here, he helps a Cheep-Cheep named Sushie round up the group of young Yoshis called the Fearsome 5 and return them to their parents. In return for this deed, Mario is given the Jade Raven by the Village Leader, which he uses to gain access to the deeper parts of the thick Jade Jungle.

There is a blue pipe in Toad Town Tunnels that, once unlocked, can serve as a shortcut between Yoshi's Village and Toad Town area. The in-game map description reads, "Yoshis and Ravens live in this village on Lavalava Island. A Toad House and a shop have been built here."


Detailed information
Character Description Goombario's tattle
PM Village Leader.png
Village Leader
Leader of the village. He is usually sitting in the right seat in an island in the left screen, along with the Brown Yoshi. During the panic he is found in the right screen, running and crying like other Yoshis. After the kids are found, the player needs to find him in front of the Raven statue in the left screen and talk to him to get the Jade Raven. He's the Village Leader. He's very dignified. Doesn't he look thoughtful and perceptive?
PM Orange Yoshi.png
Brown Yoshi
A friend of the Village Leader. He can be found sitting in the left seat in an island in the left screen, along with the Village Leader. During the panic he closes his eyes showing deep sorrow, and returns normal after the panic is over. He's a Yoshi who is an old friend of the Village Leader. They've known each other since they were kids. I hear they've pulled many a prank together! They must be really close pals if they've been friends for so long.
PM Red Yoshi 2.png
Red Yoshi (parent)
The red adult Yoshi near the entrance of Yoshi's Village. He greets visitors including Mario. A Yoshi. This Yoshi always hangs out around the village entrance.
PM Light Blue Yoshi 2.png
Blue Yoshi (parent)
The blue adult Yoshi found in the back of the left screen. He's a blue Yoshi. He's just hanging out here. Maybe he's a Marine Yoshi! You know, because he's blue? ...OK, maybe not.
PM Purple Yoshi.png
Purple Yoshi (parent)
The purple adult Yoshi found in the right-hand back area of the left screen. This Yoshi is really easy to talk to. I bet everybody likes him. He's so friendly! My Goompa once read me a book that had a Yoshi in it, but I never really thought that they existed. It's so exciting to see 'em!
PM Yellow Yoshi 2.png
Yellow Yoshi (parent)
The yellow adult Yoshi in front of the shop in the right screen. He is a food lover and Mario can trade food cooked by Tayce T. for Melons with him. This Yoshi loves food like nobody's business! I wonder what he'd do if we gave him some food made by Tayce T.? He'd freak out!
Green Yoshi (parent)
The green adult Yoshi near the jungle entrance in the right screen. A Yoshi. I've seen pictures in books of these guys. I want to ride on one's back! It's always been a childhood dream of mine...
Fearsome 5
The five Yoshi kids in the village, all found in the right screen of the village when not on jungle adventure. One of the letter delivery sidequests involves the red Yoshi kid. See Fearsome 5 § Tattles
Sushie Paper Mario.png
The babysitter of the Yoshi kids. She is stuck in a tree in Jade Jungle while chasing the kids. After Mario saves her, she joins Mario's party for the rest of the game. She's a Cheep Cheep. Her name is Sushie. She's sort of meddlesome. At least that's what the Yoshi kids say. According to them, she tries to control their lives. I think she's just trying to take care of them, but she doesn't seem to be succeeding.
PM Light Blue Yoshi 2.png
Yoshi's Cabana runner
The blue Yoshi running Yoshi's Cabana in the right screen. He's a Yoshi who's set up a little shop on the island. He sells, checks and buys items. Remember, shops are different in different parts of the world. I see items in this shop that you can't get anywhere but here.
PM Toad.png
Toad house runner
The red Toad running the Toad House in the right screen. He's the Toad of the Toad House. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle. This Toad House is kind of a Resort Hotel. The Toad here seems to like his job. It's one long vacation!
The leftmost Raven on the nest of the tall tree in the right screen. His quotations include:
  • "Caw."
  • "Caaaw!"
He's a Raven. Ravens are short and chubby. They're pretty fluffy, too. And somewhat cuddly. And soft.

This tattle is later used for an anonymous Raven that stays on the tree temporarily when the pulley to Mt. Lavalava is built.

The second leftmost Raven on the nest of the tall tree in the right screen. His quotations include:
  • "Caw? Are you the Mario that Master Raphael the Raven was telling us about?"
  • "Caw?"
He's a Raven. He looks good in black. Can we take him with us, Mario? He doesn't want to go? What a bummer...
The second rightmost Raven on the nest of the tall tree in the right screen. His quotations include:
  • "Oracle of the Stars... Mario comes to this island... Mario is fated to meet Master Raphael the Raven... Caaaaw..."
  • "Caw. Cawcaaaw!"
He's a Raven. Ravens only say "caw" unless they think they have something really important to tell you. They only tell important stuff to people they trust. I wish they'd tell us something.
The rightmost Raven on the nest of the tall tree in the right screen. His quotations include:
  • "Cawcawcaaaw?"
  • "Cawcawcaw."
He's a Raven. Ravens are really cute. I told Kooper that, and he said I had weird taste. What's so weird about that? Aren't they cute, Mario?

Items found[edit]

In addition to the items listed below, several items can be purchased from Yoshi's Cabana, and two Star Pieces can be obtained from Kolorado here. Chuck Quizmo also has the chance to appear here and 64 Star Pieces in total can be obtained.

Item Icon Location
Star Piece PM StarPiece.gif Under a hidden panel in front of the Raphael statue
Letter PM-Letter.png Given by the Red Yoshi Kid after giving him a letter from Dane T.
Jade Raven JadeRaven PM.png Given by the Village Leader after finding all the Yoshi kids
Magical Seed PM Magical Seed brown.png Given by Kolorado after exchanging the Volcano Vase
Coconut PaperMario Items Coconut.png On the leftmost and the rightmost trees of the first scene and the rightmost tree on the second
Melon PaperMario Items Melon.png Mario can trade food cooked by Tayce T. with the Adult Yellow Yoshi for Melons. This can't be done when the Yoshi kids go missing.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • Yoshis seem to love the beach. Just looking at those guys basking in the sun makes me feel very relaxed. And yet, even though I'd love to just sleep on the beach, I'm excited to move on. Nothing compares to adventure, that's for sure!
  • There's a real tropical resort atmosphere here, isn't there? There's a nice Toad House with beach access, and you can go to the volcano or Jade Jungle.


Names in other languages[edit]

Bowser's CastlePrincess Peach's CastleStar HavenStar WayShiver CityShiver SnowfieldStarborn ValleyShiver MountainCrystal PalaceGoomba VillageGoomba King's FortressMario's HouseShy Guy's Toy BoxClub 64Toad Town DojoShooting Star SummitKoopa VillageKoopa Bros. FortressWindy MillTubba Blubba's CastlePleasant PathDry Dry RailroadToad TownGoomba RoadFlower FieldsBoo's MansionForever ForestDry Dry OutpostDry Dry DesertMt. RuggedGusty GulchYoshi's VillageMt. LavalavaJade JungleLavalava Island
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシー村
Yosshī Mura
Yoshi Village
Spanish Pueblo Yoshi Yoshi Village
French Village Yoshi Yoshi Village
German Yoshis Siedlung Yoshi's Settlement
Chinese 耀西村
Yàoxī Cūn
Yoshi Village