Yoshi Village

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Not to be confused with Yoshi's Village.
Yoshi Village

Yoshi Village is a village inhabited by Yoshis that appeared in Super Mario Adventures. As much of this comic takes elements from Super Mario World, the village may be somewhere in Dinosaur Land. The village is made up of buildings similar to Yoshi's House, complete with berries on top. The Yoshi serves as the chairman of the village's Dino Chamber of Commerce.

Bowser visited this village sometime prior to the plot of the comic, kidnapping several of the inhabitants to construct his massive wedding cake. When Yoshi tried to save them, Bowser sealed him inside a Yoshi Egg. Mario and Luigi unintentionally freed Yoshi in an attempt to eat his egg, and Yoshi took them to Yoshi Village. The brothers intended to enlist the village's Yoshis to help them find Princess Peach using a book that Friendly Floyd had sold them to translate; however, this book turned out to be useless. Before the brothers could decide on a new course of action, one of the Princess's guards showed up in the village, reporting to the brothers that Peach had been kidnapped.