Friendly Floyd

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Friendly Floyd
Friendly Floyd, greeting Yoshi, Luigi, and Toad
“Why, I'm Friendly Floyd. Need a tooth-brush? Lightbulb? Electronic ignition for your car? You name it, I've got it!”
Friendly Floyd, Super Mario Adventures

Friendly Floyd is a salesman and recurring character in Super Mario Adventures.

Friendly Floyd first appears when Mario and Luigi arrive in Yoshi Village, where he has been trying to sell items such as toothbrushes and lightbulbs to the Yoshis, which they have no use for. He explains to the brothers that Bowser has kidnapped several of the villagers and sealed Yoshi himself in an egg when he attempted to fight back. Mario tries to hire him as their translator for the Yoshis, but Floyd declines, instead selling them ACME's Yoshi Language Learner for 3,000 coins. The Mario Bros. claim it is a rip-off, so he lowers the price to 10 coins since they were friends of Yoshi (the book, however, reveals that every word and phrase translates to "Yoshi").

In a later part, Floyd appears in Princess Toadstool's dream, in which he is the priest marrying the princess to Mario.

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad run into Floyd again while he is trying to sell lipstick to a Piranha Plant. He tries to sell his new makeup line to the group, which instead gives Luigi the idea to impersonate Princess Toadstool and give himself up to Bowser to save Mario. Floyd also supplies bombs to the group, and he tries to sell medical supplies to the Koopalings as Yoshi defeats them. After the tower is blown up and everyone lands in the forest, Floyd parts with the group again.

Floyd is last seen at Bowser's wedding, selling automatic cameras to guests.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Jean-Pierre Pachère
"Pachère" is a frequent deformation of the term "pas cher" (cheap) and rhymes with the French male name "Jean-Pierre"
Italian Amichevole Floyd
Friendly Floyd
Spanish Antonio Saldado