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Ronny Putter, commonly known as Co-MC, is the co-host of the Club Mario segments that aired during the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. He was played by Michael Rawlins. He and his friend Tommy Treehugger usually talk about the Mario or Zelda cartoon that is about to air and they often dress akin to the theme of the episode. While Tommy had the persona of a California surfer dude and enjoyed rock music, Co-MC seemed to have a hip-hop or house music persona. Other things he and Tommy would do are watch Spaced-Out Theatre or do a review of a recent film. He also had an evil twin brother known as Evil Eric, who would bother Tommy when Co-MC was not around. Whenever Evil Eric appeared, Tommy would at first be hosting by himself and wondering how come Co-MC was not here. He would then get a message from his producer that Co-MC went to the dentist or submitted a vacation request. Other times it would be Co-MC calling up Tommy, explaining that he has skipped worked entirely to surf, play tennis, or go out on a date. Although Tommy was a fan of all those activities, he was annoyed that Co-MC was shirking his duties, and there would a brief angry remark before Tommy hung up, then Evil Eric would crash the set.

Although Co-MC could be AWOL, he often takes his responsibilities on the show slightly more seriously than Tommy. For a pirate-themed Mario episode, Co-MC dressed as a pirate whereas Tommy had to pretend to be a parrot looking over his shoulder. When Tommy grouses about playing the parrot, Co-MC says it is his own fault as he did not attend the meeting where they planned the episode.

Another sketch Co-MC and Tommy would perform was called "Are You Bogus?" in which the pair would try to figure out who someone really was, where he and Tommy would be fooled at first but then recall a fact that did not add up.