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“Ha ha ha. This takes me right back to my adventuring days! I love it!”
Patty, Fortune Street
Patty FS.png
Arwork of Patty from Fortune Street
Full name Patty
Species Human
First appearance Dragon Quest III (1988, Dragon Quest series)
Fortune Street (2011, Mario franchise)

Patty (also known as Ruida, Luida or Lucia) is a recurring name in the Dragon Quest series given to different female characters in charge of organizing and changing the current party members in the main games. The first "Patty" made her appearance in Dragon Quest III, but the one that appears in Fortune Street is from Dragon Quest IX.

In Fortune Street, Patty is an unlockable playable character and one of the two newcomers from the Dragon Quest series (the other being Stella) to be added since Itadaki Street DS. Patty is the final character to be unlocked, and is unlocked by placing first on the Alltrades Abbey board in Tour Mode.

North American Fortune Street site bio[edit]

"A networking wiz who helps adventurers from behind the counter of her Party Planning Place. When it comes to running a business, she has no equal."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイーダ