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Appears in Fortune Street
Time limit Unlimited

Slurpodrome is a minigame that appears in the game Fortune Street. To play the minigame, the player must land on an Arcade Square.


At the start of the minigame the player chooses a Slime, all of which have the odds of them winning underneath them. After the players have selected their Slime, the race begins and the Slimes start hopping toward the finish line. Along the way are several chests, some of which contain coins which gives the player forty gold; however, some of the chests are Mimics and if a Slime runs into it then they are out of the race. Some chests also contain a Munchie, which has no bearing on the race, or a Lucky Wing which gives the Slime who got it a speed boost. Rockbombs can also appear during the race, and it will knock out a Slime if it hits one. At the end of the race, the player who selected the winning Slime gets 100 gold multiplied by their level, as well as forty gold for any chests they got, whilst the other players get forty gold for every chest they got.


  • +Control Pad − Select
  • Two Button − Confirm choice