Mario Stadium (board)

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Mario Stadium
Wideshot of Mario Stadium
Appears in Itadaki Street DS
Fortune Street
Availability Unlockable (Itadaki Street DS)
Default (Fortune Street)
Description "Fierce competition is a daily event at this seaside sports ground."
Music sample
“Wow, what a lot of customers! I could make a pretty pile here just wandering around selling drinks.”
Patty, Fortune Street

Mario Stadium is a game board in both Itadaki Street DS and Fortune Street, based on the location of the same name from the Mario Baseball series.


Itadaki Street DS[edit]

Mario Stadium from Itadaki Street DS
Mario Stadium from Itadaki Street DS

Mario Stadium appears in Itadaki Street DS. It is one of the seven Super Mario stages in the game. It takes place in a baseball stadium based on its appearance from Mario Superstar Baseball. The player has to compete against Wario, Carver and Donkey Kong, and place at least second to beat the board.

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Fortune Street[edit]

The stadium also appeared in Fortune Street with the design from Mario Super Sluggers but with the music from Mario Superstar Baseball. In Tour Mode, the player needs to get at least third place against Wario, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.


Type of square Number of squares
Standard rules Easy rules
The Bank Square from Fortune Street
A Shop Square from Fortune Street
24 in 6 districts
4 in Districts A-F
21 in 6 sections
Max length: 7
The Spade Square from Fortune Street
Spade suit
The Heart Square from Fortune Street
Heart suit
The Diamond Square from Fortune Street
Diamond suit
The Club Square from Fortune Street
Club suit
The Venture Square from Fortune Street
3 2
The Take-a-break Square from Fortune Street
The Vacant Lot Square from Fortune Street
Vacant plot
Varies 0
The Boon Square from Fortune Street
1 0
The Arcade Square from Fortune Street
The Roll-on Square from Fortune Street
2 0
The Stockbroker Square from Fortune Street
1 0
Total 38 30

Starting values, salaries & targets[edit]

The salaries in this board are as follows:

Standard rules Easy rules
Starting value 1500 G
Basic salary 250 G 400 G
Promotion bonus 150 x promotion 200 G x promotion
Default target 13000 G 10000 G


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Estadio Mario Mario Stadium