Memory Block

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Memory Block
The minigame Memory Block in Fortune Street
Appears in Fortune Street
Time limit Unlimited

Memory Block is a minigame that appears in the game Fortune Street. To play the minigame, the player must land on an Arcade Square. However this appears at random and will not appear at all if Arcade in the Custom Rules is set to "Round The Blocks only". A venture card will also activate this minigame.

This minigame takes place in a Toad House from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


At the start of the minigame several cards are placed into ? Blocks, before being scrambled. The player must then choose a block and they will get whatever was in that block. If the player gets a 1-Up Mushroom the value of their shops will increase by 10%, if they get a Coin they will receive ten gold multiplied by their current level, if they get a Suit Yourself card then they will receive a Suit Yourself card, and if they get a Bowser then all of their shops lose 5% of their value. In Standard Rules only, a card makes the player receive 10 of the most valuable stocks.

Sometimes, all of the blocks will be the same size, so there is a chance that the player may get a Bowser Card easily. That happens to first place the most. Otherwise the blocks will be identified by whether it has a Bowser Card or not.


  • +Control Pad − Select
  • A Button − Confirm choice (holding vertically)
  • Two Button − Confirm choice (holding sideways)