Yoshi's Island (board)

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Yoshi's Island is a game board appearing in both games of the Fortune Street series, based on the location of the same name.


Itadaki Street DS[edit]

Yoshi's Island in Itadaki Street DS.
The board layout of Yoshi's Island in Itadaki Street DS.

Yoshi's Island is one of the Mario boards that appear in the game Itadaki Street DS. Its board design resembles a stamp, and has the players travel towards the southward larger side of the board from the smaller northward side in one of two equally effective directions. In the Tour Mode of the game, this board is used in Yoshi's and later as one of Mario's stages in that particular order, at two star and five star difficulties respectively. For opponents, the player faces Yoshi, Yangus, and Luigi in Yoshi's stage, and Mario, Toad, and Kiryl instead in Mario's stage.

Fortune Street[edit]

The board in multiplayer

Yoshi's Island reappears as a Mario franchise board in the sequel to Itadaki Street, Fortune Street. In Easy mode, the board, for the most part, makes the players go one way because of the line shape of the board. In Standard mode, the board looks like three intersecting circles, with a big piece of land in the upper right hand corner. Both boards have a one way Flatbed Ferry to take to the other side of the board. In Tour mode, the player has to play against Toad, Yoshi, and Birdo and must finish in either first or second place.

  • Flag of USA.png "An island inhabited by members of the Yoshi race, a kaleidoscope assortment of friendly creatures. As a young snip, Mario had wild adventures here with his Yoshi friends."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Isla de Yoshi Yoshi's Island